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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Av 26, 5777
Hi! I heard that when davening for a person who is a convert you use their name and Bat Avraham EXAMPLE: Chaya Bat Avraham Is this true? Do converts follow the same as people who are Jewish from birth with regards to signing the Ketubah at their wedding?
ב"ה Shalom When davening for a for a sick person the custom is to say the name of the mother of the person who is ill and in the case of a woman convert it would be for example" Chaya Bat Sara." However there are indeed Rabbis who say that even when davening for a woman convert you indeed say Bat Avraham Avinu. In regard to Ketuba, if your question is if the name of the parent of the convert is written as Ben Avraham Avinu , or is it enough just to write just Ben Avraham without the "avinu" part is part of a major discussion among the Rabbis. There is also discussion how to call the Ger in the Chupa if he was adopted from childhood.(See Yalkut Yoseph שובע שמחות א פרק ה' - כתיבת הכתובה, אוצר הפוסקים חלק יח (עמוד פב אות קג). If had another question in mind, in any case, in practice the Rabbi officiating at the wedding will give instructions as what to be written or what is to be read aloud at the Chuppa. All the best
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