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Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 18, 5777
Rabbi, I have been trying to be Torah observant for five years now. I celebrate Shabbat, eat Kosher and keep the Feast Days. I was Christian and have been searching for the way Hashem has given us as a pure way in which he wants us to worship him. It seems to me now that I am mixing the Holy with the Unholy I feel stuck between two worlds and completely lost. Every time I think I have found true faith its not. Is Judaism my answer?
Judaism has definitely proven itself and withstood all threats, both physical and intellectual, for over 3,300 years, so if your'e searching for truth, it's definitely recommended to check it out. You cannot at all mix Christianity with Judaism, which is the original (!) and much purer form of monotheism. That being said, as opposed to other religions, Judaism is very tolerant and isn't at all interested in you converting. It's best that you connect with the God of Israel through studying the Seven Noachide Laws.
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