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Conversion "Just in Case"


Rabbi Gideon Weitzman

Tammuz 26, 5777
My Grandparents were orthodox on my father’s side. I never knew my mother’s side of the family and she never talked about them. I was raised as a secular Jew but recently became Baal Teshuvah. While doing genealogical research on my family, I found surnames on my mother’s side that may or may not be Jewish. I have no way of finding out. Everyone on my mother’s side that could have been of help has passed away. I have not been able to confirm if my maternal ancestry was Jewish. I also have not been able to confirm that they were not. I do not want to anything that would put me at risk and had heard some people will do a conversion "Just in Case". Im wondering if I should do the same and what it entails. I currently live in an area that has no Orthodox Rabbis. There is one very new-age Rabbi that comes to my area once a month but, she believes if I have any Jewish blood in me that’s all that counts. I do not follow this line of thinking and would like to get an opinion from a Rabbi that is Orthodox. This issue has caused me a lot of worry and stress. I want you to know that I am a commited to living an observant life and will do anything that Hashem asks of me. I keep Shabbas, we eat kosher, I doven with Tafflin and study on my own at least an hour every day. Additionally I have Torah study once a week with an Orthodox study partner. I also have an Orthodox instructor and mentor, helping me learn Judaism and how to become frum. Thank you for your help
Shalom If there is a reasonable doubt that your mother was Jewish then you would need a conversion. Please contact directly a reliable Orthodox rabbi who can guide you through this process. Kol tuv
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