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Israel's Heavy-Hand towards Arabs & Arab conversion


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 16, 5777
This is another excellent answer. Though I think it would be fair to say, that the Arab governments used the Palestinian people to punish the Israelis for their losses during the Six Day War in particular. I think it rather cruel that they let their fellow Muslims live as squatters while simultaneously turning them into a suicide death cult. Though to be fair, the Israelis have at times been rather heavy handed in dealing with the Palestinians. And also cruel in their own way. Why couldn’t the Israelis let the Palestinians convert to Judaism?? If they were so inclined? Also, it would seem possible that some of these Palestinians are part of the "Lost Tribes of Israel". DNA Testing
A. As one who has done military service and reserve duty leaving my family for 2 weeks a year for 25 years, I can tell you from personal experience that there never has been a more moral army than the Israeli Defense Force, who's very name testifies to our essence. The only time we are heavy-handed towards the Arabs is in order to deter them (it's very (!) difficult to fight suicide bombers and Islamic terrorism against civilians, where the laws of logic simply don't work regarding religious fanatics) or retaliate to deter them in the future. Even then, we usually are relatively late to retaliate compared to any other country (e.g. Israel absorbed hundreds (!) of mortars, shells and rpg's from Gaza before retaliating in Operation Pillar of Defense). Any one who reports otherwise does so out of anti-Semitism (like when last month 3 terrorists attacked together, killing a female soldier in the Old City of Jerusalem, and CNN headlines read that Palestianians were killed!!). B. If a Palestinian earnestly wants to convert, and truly live according to Jewish morality and beliefs, he will be accepted, and I myself have met 2 such converts. Yes there are biological descendants of Jews among the arabs in Israel, but Judaism is determined only if the mother is known to be Jewish.
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