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Shechita for poultry


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tammuz 11, 5777
Shalom, Can you please reference a biblical source that obligates ritual slaughter for chickens/turkeys, etc? All my research points to Devarim 12:21. However, that pasuk clearly says "מִבְּקָרְךָ וּמִצֹּאנְךָ" and therefore cannot mean poultry. Also, using continuation of the same pasuk "כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוִּיתִךָ" to imply that it means poultry is beyond overstretching. (Covering of blood of chickens is, however, required based on Leviticus 17:13.) Thank you in advance
ב"ה Shalom, Your understanding of the Psukim is correct and because of that there is a dispute already in the Gemara if the ritual slaughter of fowl is Torah enforced or is it of Rabbinical origin around the explanation of the different psukim mentioning fowl in the torah. See Chulin 27b-28a. Bar Kapra Holds that it is a mitzvah of the Torah while R. Elazar Hakapar holds that it's d'rabanan. Rebbe there is also of the opinion that the slaughter of fowl is Torah enforced. The Rambam in the laws of Shechita writes that it is Torah enforced, and so does the Bet Yoseph in Yoreh De'ah 13. The Kaf Hachaim in the beginning of laws of Shechita sums up the majority of the opinions of the Rishonim that the shechita of fowl is mitzvah of the torah. All the best
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