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Cohen and Jews studying medicine


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 1, 5777
schalom, it was a terrible feeling reading the "cohen working on a cadaver" text where a young cohen was studying "microbiology" which obviously is godforsaken due its about evolution from micro-living things to human. even so the building of orthopedic prosphetics since the judaism tells about miracle healing, elischa, elijayu, and 100% will be in messianic time. So should it not be forbidden for jews to study western world science style? especially for cohen, levi and charedi’s
You are correct that it is forbidden for a kohen to study medicine (although Rav Goren is said to have allowed under certain circumstances, this is generally not accepted). On the other hand, for others it is a great mitzva and very commendable to study and be a doctor to heal other people, for we are not allowed to rely on miracles! God reveals how to help people through modern medicine and treatments, and obviously wants us to utilize this to help each-other. Just as God heals the sick, it is Godly for us to copy Him and do so as well, an extremely commendable kindness.
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