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Is peace between Israel and Palestinians possible?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Many people are becoming more and more sceptical. Even if Trump or any U.S. president would be very pro-Israel, is peace between Israelis and Palestinians at all possible? If it’s a religious war, apparently there can be no compromise? Is there any hope?
What many non-religious don't understand is that a religious person's ideology cannot be "bought" with offers by raising their standard of living, or good health-care. We religious, know that ideals are above everything else, how much more so regarding Moslems who glorify killing the enemy in exchange for “the world-to-come”! Accordingly, the only chance of peace is if Israel is so strong, resolved and clear on our rights to Eretz Yisrael, that we deter even the slightest thoughts of terror ever succeeding, and contrarily, show them that it's decisively counter(!)-productive. If every time there is even an individual attack we set up a new yishuv (as Menachem Begin used to do), it will quickly remove terror from their agenda, and wake them up to the economic, health, and social advantages of living with us like "mentsches" (with socially accepted behavior). Even a potential suicide bomber who knows that his family's house will be blown up, that he will be buried in pig-skin (supposedly no share in heaven!), and that his town put under curfew (so he won't die as a hero, but as a fool!), I think we can return the deterring factor that we had in Yehuda v'Shomron (West Bank) for a long time following the Six Day War, and as it was when I came here in 5739/1979. Any reactionary pressure from the UN is irrelevant, and with Trump as president, this is the time to re-institute the “law and order” with the Muslims, for not only he, but apparently many Americans, totally support such a policy. In fact, by setting an example, we will be doing a favor to Europe and mankind, who have yet to understand what works, and what doesn’t, with Islamic terror. In short, I’m optimistic, but it's only possible as Israelis slowly adopts the non-apologetic, religious-zionist approach, that Am Yisrael is here to stay, so the Arabs (and world!) may as well get used to it, and even immensely benefit from us!
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