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Rabbi Jonathan Blass27 Sivan 5763
I have been at my current job since November and it requires me to work with the public all day. Up until recently, I always wore hats to work and was not even aware whether or not my coworkers and patrons knew I was wearing them for religious reasons. Now that summer is here I started getting questions like "why are you wearing a hat indoors", and figured it wasn’t worth it to be annoyed all the time trying to think of an answer that wouldn’t turn into a whole long discussion. So I decided to make the switch to wearing my shaitel to work and figured people would just think I got my hair done. Imagine my surprise when I found out that all my (non-Jewish and non-frum) coworkers and patrons keep asking the only other frum person at my office why I stopped covering my hair! To me and probably every frum person who I see during the day it is obvious that I am wearing a wig, but how do I respond to the people who apparently have admired me all along for my religious beliefs and think I have stopped being frum? Thanks for your help!
You could choose to ignore what your fellow workers were thinking about you. If, however, you are concerned that a "hillul hashem" could be involved, explain to them that wearing either a hat or a wig conforms with halachic requirements.
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