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Eating Passover sacrifice on a full stomach?


Rabbi David Sperling

Iyyar 2, 5777
Dear Rabbi, in your answer to "Pesach seder: Afikomen" you said the following: "The reason to eat the afikoman at the end of the meal is so that the last taste in our mouths will be matzah – this recalls the Passover sacrifice that was eaten at the end of the meal on a full stomach". Wouldn’t a lamb be a lot of meat for a family to eat if their stomachs are full? I love barbecue and I thought that they had a barbecue with the sacrificed lamb? I thought the idea was to "rejoice before Adonai" with eating and drinking like in Dev 14:26? (I would eat less bread and bitter herbs so that I could indulge on the meat! :-)) Blessings and shalom Ghai-Ghai
Shalom, Thank you for your follow-up question. You are correct in thinking that one lamb could be a lot for one family to eat. Because of this the Torah tells us to join together with another family if we need to. In fact there were probably many families who joined into large groups to eat the Passover offering. As to the meal – the sacrifice was in fact roasted. So it would taste barbecued. The bitter herbs and matzah were eaten together with it. Blessings.
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