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Israel- Is there a possibility of Peace with Islamic terror?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Kislev 6, 5777
Is there any possible way that Israel will ever have peace? With religious Jihadist fanatics and lunaticslike the Taliban and ISIS etc etc calling for expansion of their Caliphates or homelands with their own interpretation of their books, scrolls, tablets, poems, stories, visions, myths. What is the real glorious end of days? Is it blissful and cleansing nuclear incineration or perhaps some biological plague to fulfill some biblical story?
Don’t worry! Rav Kook explains rationally and historically that just as the individual slowly matures, so too mankind has been evolving, improving and maturing. Just as mankind eventually realized that slavery, racism, chauvinism, and imperialism are wrong, they will gradually understand that war, violence and Jihad terror are counterproductive, as well. Similarly, mankind will eventually appreciate the People of Israel, who have brought the world monotheism and morality, two of the greatest pleasures of human history. Despite all the primitive people who resented the Jews as the conscience of mankind, eventually the world will appreciate the aforementioned Jewish contributions. Just as people admire entertainers who bring them pleasure, and even the dentist, who brings pain in the eyes of the child, is eventually recognized by the mature adult, as one who has helped. Even though we don’t need their thanks, and for us it would suffice that they just stop trying to kill us, eventually they will mature and even thank and appreciate us. In the meantime, the only way we can insure peace is by having such a strong Israeli army, leadership, and nuclear program, that it will deter any violent thoughts of any Islamic terrorists until they mature morally (as some western Moslems already have). I just hope that Christian Europe will also learn from our experience and not "turn the other cheek" to terror. Islam takes masculine strength to a dangerous extreme, while Christianity takes feminine mercy to an unfortunate extreme, but Israel learns from the Bible and 3,300 years of experience how to balance the two traits.
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