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Covering ones hair


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

27 Sivan 5763
In the question about minhag hamakom and stockings, Rabbi Blass said that one must dress in a more stringent fashion if that is minhag hamakom, though he said that all of Yerushalayim would not be considered one makom. In Meah Shearim, the Rabbonim forbid peah nochrit (wigs) as a head covering for married women. Does this mean that a woman from let us say Har Nof who comes to Meah Shearim must wear a tichel? We live in the Old City. The vast majority of the inhabitants are moslems. The unmarried girls cover their hair from puberty. Shouldn’t our unmarried girls also cover their hair here (which would be in line with pashtut of the Gemorra and the Rambam)?
The Minhag Hamakom that counts is, of course, the religious Jewish one, not the gentile custom. Since people from other neighborhoods frequent Meah Shearim on a regular basis, dressing modestly according to halachic standards in a way that differs from the accepted minhag of Meah Shearim is not sexually provocative.
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