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Am I jewish?


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Tishrei 26, 5777
Greetings, rabbi. If my maternal grandmother is from jewish origin, am I jewish, can I be considered jewish? However my maternal grandmother went a few times to church but my mother and her sisters are not baptized or any other christianity manner. I’ve also heard my grandmother speak about synagogues. So, am I jewish, can I be considered jewish even if I am not circumcised or follwed ant other jewish manner? Thank you.
ב"ה Shalom It is not exactly clear to me what you mean by Jewish origin. Being Jewish is not just a declaration of faith but belonging to an unbroken chain of Jewish lineage. So if your maternal Grandmother was born Jewish as defined by Jewish law, since the lineage of the Jewish people is determined by the mother, it means your mother is Jewish and if that is the case you are Jewish too. However, since I don't want to create any misunderstandings as if I declared you Jewish over the internet, you should follow up with your questions by a local orthodox rabbi who would be able to assist you to look further into the matter. If you are actually Jewish, not being circumcised doesn’t prevent being so, as the circumcision can be done once determined that you are actually Jewish. Good luck in your endeavors and all the best.
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