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Answering Moslem’s Questions on Judaism


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 22, 5776
Hi my Name Is Yuusuf Yoonis I would Like to Know about The Israelis and The Jews In Israel. Are They Believers in 1.The Torah Mount Sinai & Prophet Mussa Haroon 2.And To Whom Do The Israels Worship offer The Prayers to ? 3. What Is the Names Called to The One You Worship? 4. Do you believe The Quraan Kareem And Prophet Mohammed And ALLAH Rabbi The One ILLAHAN in The Quraan Kareem The Muslims believe? 5.Where do you differ with the arabs in palastine and the arabs and the wars between Israel and the arabs. And Who Won The Wars?
The Jews in Israel, on the whole (about 80%), are relatively believing and traditional Jews. 1. We believe that God gave the Torah at Mount Sinai to the People of Israel, through the greatest prophet, Moshe (Moses). 2. We pray to the One and Only God of the Universe, known as the God of Israel, who was accepted by Islam about 2,000 years after the national revelation to Israel at Sinai. 3. Our God has many names, all of which represent various attributes which we are meant to emulate. Out of respect, we do not use His actual name outside of the Holy Temple which was in Jerusalem. 4. No, we do not believe in the Koran, nor Mohammed, but believe that the last of the prophets were Hagai, Zecharia, and Malachi. I am not familiar with the other terms to which you referred, but if they are monotheistic complimentary attributes of God, than they perhaps may be referred to as His names, as well. 5. Throughout the Torah and Bible, God explicitly promises the Land of Israel time and again to the Nation of Israel, and not to the Moslems, nor any other nation. On an intellectual level, some crackpot Arabs even try and deny the indisputable and archeological fact that the Jews were already in the Land of Israel from 2,300-586 BCE, and then again from 516 BCE- 70 CE. Another major practical and moral difference is that we glorify and believe in life, as opposed to the Arabs who wish to kill us, who glorify death. The legends on which the Israeli army educates our soldiers is to emulate officers like Ro’i Klein who gave his life by diving onto an exploding hand-grenade in order to save his soldiers, as opposed to the Palestinians who glorify terrorists and admiringly name streets, squares and parks based upon the number of innocent Israelis who they murdered. Our army is called the Israeli Defense (!) Force, and the entire world knows that if the Arabs were to lay down their weapons, there would be peace tomorrow. If Israel were to lay down our weapons, we would be victims of another Holocaust. Thank God, in all of the wars, from the War of Independence (1948/5708), the Six-Day-War (1967/5727), the Yom Kippur War (1973/5734), the 1st and 2nd Lebanon Wars, and all of the smaller battles which the Arabs have forced upon us, the God of Israel has granted miraculous victories time and again to the people of Israel, His Chosen People. We hope and pray that the Arabs will learn their lesson and stop attacking us, and prefer (like Jews) to live a life of morality, ideals and tolerance, and stop forcing anyone to convert.
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