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kitniyos on PESACH


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 12, 5776
I live in Nahariya, Israel. I am an Ashkanazi. I would say 95 0/0 pf prepaired food one can buy in Nahariya all have kitniyos in it. Even the few restaurants that will be open on Pesach un der the BDAT’Z have kitniyis in their food.May one change their Minhag and eat Kitniyos on Pesach, since this puts a burden on me.??? I live alone I am 66 yrs old, and am unable to cook for myself?
ב"ה Kitniyot is a time honored custom for Ashkenazim and the burden of finding food without kitniyot is not a good enough reason to abandon it. Each part of the Jewish people continues to carry on its particular customs. It's a bit late now, but perhaps not too late, but non kitniyot food can be ordered by phone by caterers with reliable Hechsherim. With no intention of providing free advertising, I know that up north Kibbutz Lavi offers take home non kiniyot for Pessach. I would assume that Tzefat would have something similar. There are also other places like "mevushelet" in Mevo Choron which delivers to many places. Community wise, there is a Garin Torani Nahariya and there is also Chabbad. See if they can assist Chag Same'ach
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