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Aveil davaning Motzei Shaboss

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanNisan 5, 5776
I am in aveilus for my father. I have another 3 weeks to say kaddish. Although I pretty much kept my regular schedule of minyanim and got the amud when I was able. (rotating with other chiyuvim). I was told that on Motzei Shaboss an aveil should go out of his way to get the amud. Now unfortunately 2 men where I daven lost their father, which means I will not get the amud the last Motzei Shaboss of me saying kaddish. (I stop on Pesach). Is it best for me top just daven in my regular minyan and say Kaddish or is it preferable for me to find an amud for that last motzei shabosss? Thanks
ב"ה I didn't find in the sefarim currently in my possession a particular minhag to daven particularly Ma'ariv the last week of the kaddish. As you were told there is a general minhag that the Avel go to the Amud motztei Shabbat.(רמ"א יר"ד שעו) Ask permission from the Gabbai in your shul, if you can make a separate minyan that would be the best solution. Or get 10 people together on your own elsewhere, make another minyan to say kaddish. All the best Chag Same'ach
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