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Bracha on second/third tzizit


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar I 14, 5776
It seems from you answer regarding putting on new tzizit that if I had in mind in the morning for all the tzizit I would wear throughout the day I would not have to make a new bracha. Is this correct. I change my tzizit several times a day (I work in construction and don’t want to get them all dirty) and thought I should make a bracha each time. Thanks!
Shalom, Thank you for your question. There are situations of putting on more than one garment of tzitzit where a new blessing is not required. These are when one has intent to wear more than one garment – then, this intent at the time of saying the bracha, can cover all the garments to be worn. However, if there is a break between wearing the garments, then even though one had intent to put on an additional tzitzit garment at the time the bracha was said, this will not cover the additional garment, and a new bracha will be needed. In your case, where you change your tzitzit throughout the day before and after work etc, a new bracha will be required each time, as there is a break between each time you put the next garment on. Blessings.
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