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Rabbi David SperlingShevat 24, 5776
May one bake Dairy Equipment cookies(the chocolate chips are DE) in a fleishig oven? Thank you.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. By "Dairy Equipment" you probably mean the halachic equivalent called "Nat Bar Nat". That is parve food which was cooked in clean dairy pots. This food, while still being parve has certain restrictions on it because it absorbed secondary dairy taste (albeit only a small amount through the dairy pot). These restrictions depend on whether the dairy pot had been used for milk food within the previous 24 hours, whether one is Sephardi or Ashkanazi, and what one wants to do with the food. However, even in the strictest situation, according to all opinions, the parve food (in this case the parve chocolate chips) may be put into meat utensils, including a meat oven. But they may not be eaten together with actual meat food (according to the Ashkanazi ruling). They may be eaten after meat, and (as we said) from meat dishes. Blessings.
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