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קטגוריה משנית
Many thanks for your help Rabbi. I did see this answer in Piskei Teshuvot. The reason I asked is this: there are supposed to be 28 words from Yehay Shemay... to Amen de’nechamta, thus during the 10 days, when we say le’ayla le’aylawe have to change min kol to mikol to keep to the 28 word formula: if the Shaliach Tzibbur says Yehay Shemay with the tzibbur, the tzibbur then DONT hear 28 words! That’s my question on the Piskei Teshuvot as well: how come he doesn’t mention this? and the Mishna Brura seems to concur as well - I don’t understand! Surely we should change this to say it afterwards?! (I note that "Rabbi Artscroll" seems to have got this correct because every Kaddish has the response first and then seems to indicate that the Shaliach Tzibbur repeats Yehay Shmay.... - please tell me what you think?
Shalom, Thank you for your continued interest. I saw the source of the 28 words (Sha'aray Tshuvah, 56,2 (which he writes correspond to the word ko"ach of "everyone who answers Amen Ye"hey Shemay… with all their power (=ko"ach) etc.")). However, I am not fully following your question. Where did you see that we need to "hear" the 28 words – maybe it is enough that 28 words are said? And more over, even if there is a need to hear the 28 words, we do in fact hear them – all the words said by the Chazan, and the "Amen Ye'hey Shemay Rabba…." which we say ourselves together with the chazzan, which we hear ourselves saying as we recite them. Why is that not enough? I hope that this is of some help to you – but would be delighted to hear back from you if there are other sources that I have not seen that would enlighten me more on this subject. Blessings.
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