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Rabbi David Sperling

Tishrei 29, 5776
I used meat soup powder while making soup on a parve stainless steel pot. Can I kasher the pot? if so, can it be used for parve or milk. Thank you.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. If you used meat soup powder in a parve pot it is now a meat pot (unless the amount of soup powder was very little in relation to the soup as a whole – which is generally not the case with soup powders which are added to give flavor to the soup). If this was a mistake, and you would like to have your pot returned to its parve status, it may be koshered. If the pot is metal, it needs to be filled to the very top with water, then bought to a hard boil. A hot stone, (or piece of silverware heated over the gas flame might be easier) should then be dropped into the pot to cause the hot boiling water to overflow and kosher the rim of the pot also. Then the pot should be washed off in cold water. After this it is now a parve pot again. If the pot is not metal but ceramic, it cannot be koshered, and should remain as a meat pot. Blessings.
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