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music and prophecy


Rabbi David Sperling

Tishrei 7, 5776
thank you for your continued answers. Why was music important for prophecy? What is in music to do that? We know of the power of music to shift moods and as such is a powerful medium. But what kind of music would have that influence to lead to prophecy?
Shalom, The study of prophesy and how it was attained is certainly a big (and difficult) topic. Without a deep understanding of the hidden mysteries of the ways of holiness (which I myself certainly do not have) it is impossible for us to truly grasp the process of entering into prophesy. We can only try to understand with some limited understanding exactly what music was used, and what exactly it did to the prophet to allow him or her to receive the prophetic vision from Hashem. You are probably correct that the music used was a mood shifter. I have also heard a suggestion that it was used as a meditation – where the listener was carried out of consciousness by the music. But if this occurred because of the steady beat of a drum, for example, or the sweet sound of the harp, we can only guess. Blessings.
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