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Reading the curses quietly


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 29, 5775
Dear Rabbi I was wondering in last week sedra (Ki Tavo) the curses are read quietly, what difference does it make? Also, if all words of the torah are from Hashem, and are all holy, why are doe these words seemingly have less importance (by being read quietly)?
ב"ה Shalom Reading the curses of Parshat ki Tavo quietly does not stem from the lack of importance. In one of the books on customs (ספר המטעמים) he offers the explanation that since the curses are words of rebuke, the way for people to accept them is to say them softly. What has been said by other commentators in regard to reading the portion of the Torah dealing with the golden calf , which in some communities also used to be read softly may also apply here. The custom was so to indicate that reading this portion of the Torah is somewhat embarrassing and therefore it is not something we want to read so much out loud. Shanna tova
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