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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Elul 19, 5775
Re: "Therefore, you should hear the brachot for learning torah , "elokay Neshama" and "Hama’avir Shena ..." from somebody else and answer "amen." What if you won’t be able to daven with a minyan that morning, and anyone you might see later has already said those brachot?
ב"ה Shalom In regard to "Elokay Neshama", according to the Aruch Hashulchan (46:13) one may say the Bracha if he can't hear it from someone else. In regard to Birkot Hatorah, if he can't hear it from someone else , according to the Mishna Brura (47:28) , when saying "Ahava Rabba" before kriat Shema during Shacharit, he should have in mind to say it as birkat Hatora and after Tefilla he should learn at least bit of torah so as to follow the Bracha. If in the afternoon he slept , before the night in which he didn't sleep, then the following morning he says the Birkot Hatorah normally. שבת שלום
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