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Movies in Aveilut and others

Hi where i grew up we didnt see films during the omer and the 3 weeks and in aveilut. However I understand that in Israel movies are not considered simcha . I am in my shana of aveilut for my dad
First my condolences. My answer will not get into an overall view of movie watching and making sure the films are modest in content, which is a prerequisite. The question is what comes under the definition of "meriut שמחת מריעות " social gatherings which are forbidden during aveilut. This definition is not restricted to Israel . Some see going to movies as under that category and that is what you were taught when you grew up. However, not all Rabbis follow that opinion of categorically ruling out seeing movies during aveilut but it depends on the character of the film. In the Hebrew counterpart of this website, Harav Dov lior Shlit"a permits watching a documentary film but not an entertaining film. All the best and may you know of no more sorrow.
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