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Who are the descendants of Cham?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 3, 5775
B’resheet 9:20-28, Israelites are from Shem. Who are the descendants of Cham,.
As opposed to several tribes of Israel [Judah (including Benjamin+Shimon who assimilated into the much larger Judah, hence, the common term: Jew=Israel) + many of the Kohanim and Levi’im] who remained separate and distinguishable, all the other nations in the middle east were consciously “mixed” by Sanhereb the King of Assyria about 2,700 years ago. He uprooted nations and moved and mixed them in order to prevent any possible rebellion. Subsequently, even though the descendants of Cham originally lived in Israel, Africa, part of the Greek islands (Crete) and Sardis (Asia Minor), etc., and certain places may, to this day, predominately bear certain physical traits of Cham, today, no state or nation is clearly identified with them because of generations of having been moved and intermarriage.
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