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Where are Souls before birth into this world?

Rabbi Ari ShvatTammuz 18, 5775
Yirmeyahu 1:4- is this not Hashem talking of Yirmeyahu before he was born? What do you teach of the unborn souls and where are they before being given life?
Your question is difficult for us to understand because we live in a world bound and (usually) defined by time (when?) and place (where?), and anything eternal (without time and place) is beyond our concepts and conception. Nevertheless, as we wrote previously, every soul, especially one like Yirmiyahu’s, is as if it were, a unique “spark” of eternal Godliness, with unique potential, and what should concern us isn’t “before” or “after” but life itself, which is about destining one’s fate to act as Godly as possible.
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