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More assistance for Noachide


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 9, 5775
Please guide me on the Noahide commands and scripture references. Are these found in B’resheet 9? For the book you have recommended, can I search online to find where to buy it?
By following the seven Noachide commandments (adultery, idolatry, murder, not eating flesh taken from a live animal, not cursing God, stealing, and making sure there is a justice system in your locale), in all of their details, and supporting the Chosen People of Israel (for example, against their enemies like Iran), one fulfills that which God wants of them, and has a share in the world to come. If you’d like, you can become an official authorized Noachide by declaring your acceptance of the above before a rabbinical religious court (usually done in Israel). For guidance and study from the sources, you might want to see an interesting website which may help you and provide you with a framework and guiding rabbi for your activities, such as The book I suggested was a best-seller and can surely be found on-line. All the best!
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