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Nature of Adam/Man

Rabbi Ari ShvatTammuz 11, 5775
B’resheet 3:22-23 talks of mankind becoming like?. And that if they took of the tree of life they would live forever. What is the nature of man? Does he have a forever living soul or does death end his living? In the above verses he is stopped from taking from the tree of life and living forever?
The Torah is teaching us that the nature of man is Godly (the soul, as if it were, is a spark of God), in other words eternal. Normally, a person’s soul should never die (except the evil, who chose to associate themselves more with their body than with their soul). Even when the body (of proper people) dies, their essence (=their soul) goes only temporarily to the World of the Souls, until the time for the “revival of the dead” when the soul will eternally be re-united with its body.
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