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Is Yishayahu 56 referring to converts to Judaism?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Tammuz 7, 5775
For us goyim who deeply want to follow Hashem and live by his 613 mitsvot, would these verses encourage us with that deep desire to learn more about Judaism to continue learning so that we might have the opportunity to convert to Judaism under guidance fro Rabbis?
We see there in Yishayahu 56 that conversion is possible (although definitely not encouraged) for those unique individuals who wish to observe the 613 mitzvot and many additional rabbinical obligations. On the other hand, as I wrote previously, most sources (like Yirmiyahu 3, 17, M’lachim (Kings) I, 8, 41-43) refer to gentiles who eternally remain gentiles, yet see the God of Israel as the Univeral God, the Tanach and 7 mitzvot of Noah as their values, and support Israel and Jerusalem as the spiritual capital of mankind. It's clearly preferable for gentiles to carefully practice the 7 Noachide commands, rather than the much more demanding and difficult 613 commandments, which obligate the Jew.
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