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Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 22, 5775
I am sorry to take up your time,but I am afraid if ask my question to my Rav he may misinterpret it.I am a dentist who works for another frum dentist on days when he is not in the office.If a Jewish patient does not show up for his/her appointment,or if they arrive late,am I permitted to note this in his/her chart;if I do not note it,a) the office staff will call me and ask me whether the patient showed and b),it may need to be recorded so that if a patient continually does this ,they may be denied further appointments.I am not on salary and only get paid based on my production.Thank you for your time.
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I am unable to understand exactly what it is that you are asking. I see that the question is labeled as "lashon harah" – but I do not see what the issue of lashon ha'rah is. An office needs know who came to their appointments in order to charge people and to organize scheduling. Recording that a person came or did not come to an appointment also serves the client as they can be charged accordingly – and also keep a record of their check-ups and when they next need to see the dentist. Also, the fact that someone came late or did not show up is not even necessarily lashon ha'rah, as it does not reflect badly on the person – but indicates that they for some reason were delayed. Perhaps there is an issue involved that I have overlooked – and if so please feel free to contact us again. But based on what you have written it seems very clear that you need to record accurately all information concerning your dental clients in the office records. Blessings.
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