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tzniut for females


Rabbi David Sperling

Sivan 16, 5775
I know that there are rabbanim out there that say that women can show the elbow. I am trying to find out the names of such rabbanim. Also rabbanim that say sandals with no socks is fine and that a tefach showing from the hair is fine. Which rabbanim say that this is fine?
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. The issues of modesty in dress for women are, like every area of halacha, involved and (at a certain point) open to different Rabbinic interpretation. May I suggest a wonderful book (in English) by my esteemed Rabbi and Teacher, HaRav Y.H. Henkin shlitah entitled "Understanding Tzinut" (published by Urim). In it you will find a very learned and clear explanation of the opinions who allow revealing up to a "tefach" (hands worth) of the arm above the elbow, as well as the question of socks, and hair covering. May you be blessed with every success in your Torah learning.
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