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Praying alone, Kaddish and Kedusha


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 12, 5775
Shalom dear Rabbi, When someone prays Shmona-Esre without a Minyan, he doesn’t say the third blessing,kedusha and he doesn’t say Kaddish. Is it proper however to read the text of both at their proper places without saying anything (in other words, one is only reading,not saying anything)? Or should one skip those sections entirely? When I read those sections I often imagine either myself saying the third blessing, or in the case of kaddish, someone in the synagogue saying kadish, and me saying "Yehe shme raba..." Is it proper to say those things in his mind/heart? Or should one rather skip over the passages entirely when praying alone? (Should one, the blessing before the Sh’ma also say out loud "kadosh,kadosh,kadosh H" zvaot...." ?) Thank you very much in advance
ב"ה Shalom As you pointed out, when one prays alone, he indeed misses out on sections of the Tefilla in addition to the fact, he misses the virtue of praying with a minyan. However, sometimes out of lack of choice, circumstances sometimes create situations when we are without a minyan. When one says the silent shmoneh esrey, he does say the third blessing which ends "Ha-El" Hakadosh". He just doesn't say it the way the Chazan who leads the prayers says it as it appears in some siddurim. I don't see any benefit in reading the parts you are missing. While praying alone you need to concentrate as much as possible on what you are required to say because your prayers are heard by your virtue only. Our Rabbis have said (Talmud Berchot 6a), that if a person wanted to do a mitzvah and was not able to do so contrary to his will, it is considered as he performed the mitzvah. Therefore, I think that should suffice when you are in those circumstances. All the best.
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