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Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Nisan 25, 5775
Rabbi, Thank you so much for your response. Therefore, if an Ashkenazi or Sephardi male is purchashing a Tallit for himself, it is preferable that he purchase an all-white Tallit, as this satisfies all Halakhic opinions. Correct? Also, if one purchases tzitzit with Techelet (assuming this is actually the real Techelet), the stripe is redundant. Correct? Regards,
ב"ה Shalom Indeed, wearing and all white Tallit it would satisfy the different Halachic opinions. Nonetheless, may great Rabbis wore and wear a Talit with stripes and it was and still is a widespread custom. Since, the main part of the Talit are the Tzitzit, and most of the tTalit is white, the stripes are insignificant. All the best
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