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Ethnic, religious, national or idealistic Judaism


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Nisan 6, 5775
You wrote that the jews are a light to the world and that is their duty and destiny, and as an exemple you cite Einstein, Freud, Si on and Garfunkel, the Nobel prizes, etc. but not one of these names has something to do with the jewish religion as such. Which are,if any, the names of the religious personalities who contributed to the spiritual and religious elevati on of mankind? You said that monotheism is a gift that judaism gave to mankind, but monotheism was spread to mankind from christianity and later from islam. If we were to wait for judaism to spread the " good news" we had still to wait. Citing Freud and Einstein or Barbra Streisand as treasures offered to humanity from judaism is ridiculous and racial. They are not exemples of jewish spirituality and religion .
If you were to read both of the previous answers in their entirety you will see that you misunderstood. Those names cited are examples of the Jewish creative potential (!) which will be used in the future (!) and hopefully as soon as possible, to influence the world towards the Jewish Godly values of justice, family, love, morality, etc. Rav Kook explains that just as today, American culture influences and sets the world’s priorities through her movies, music and fashions, so too eventually, that Jewish creativity will be used to pleasantly influence the world to the aforementioned Godly ideals. It is true that I consciously don’t refer to influencing the world to the Jewish “religion” but rather to our values, because tefillin, shofar and Bava Kama don’t interest the world and doesn’t need to interest the world, for the last thing we want is to convert them. Judaism, or as we are called in the Tanach, Israel, is not just a religion but a nation whose role is to influence the world to the eternal and objective Godly ideals. Today, in modern Israel, religious Jews are beginning to participate and reveal the Godly ideals and “sparks” in all of the fields of life, all of which are included in the Living Torah, and the process of using cultural medium for positive influence (first on Israel, and afterwards universally), has clearly begun. The Rambam (M’lachim 11, in the uncensored editions) explains that Christianity and Islam learned from us and in turn, helped us spread the word of the Jewish monotheistic values to far-off places, which slowly but surely elevated the morality of the world. The “names of the (Jewish) religious personalities who contributed to the spiritual and religious elevation of mankind”, include Avraham, Sarah, Moshe, David, who brought monotheism and morality to a violent pagan world, as we believe the grandchildren (!) of Einstein, Freud, Dylan and Spielberg, will do, as well. May I suggest reading my recent response to the question: “Killing innocent gentiles in Tanach”, and always reading the answers in their entirety.
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