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Rabbi David SperlingNisan 6, 5775
When I struggle in business or be stressed out And I doing teshvah for my sins Here on earth Am I being punished here on earth measure for measure
Shalom, Thank you for your question. While it is always correct to repent for one's sins, and while we certainly believe in Divine punishment that also involves a calculation of measure for measure, these factors should not express themselves in being stressed or worried. Stress and worry are expressions of one's feelings that one has (to a large extent) control over. One should work on their nature to be in state of secure trust in G-d, that brings a feeling of happiness and not stress or worry. May I suggest you turn to Rabbi Kook's classic work "Orot HaTshuvah" (Lights of Repentance – also available in English) for a clearer understanding of the road to true tshuvah. It will help you see that real repentance does not have to involve stress or suffering – but rather the light and joy of connecting again to one's true holy essence. Blessings.
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