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kashrut question


Rabbi David Sperling

Adar 22, 5775
Hello, I have a couple of questions about some things that happened in the kitchen: 1) I was making challah and in the recipe I activate the yeast and then add the liquid ingredients, including eggs. Before adding the eggs, I cracked them in a glass measuring cup and checked them. They looked ok. When I added them to the yeast mixture and started mixing everything, I noticed something brown-looking in the mixture that looked like it came from the eggs. I thought that it might be blood, so I dumped everything out and started over. Now I’m not sure what to do with the utensils that touched that substance - the mixing bowl (that was glass), the glass measuring cup, and the metal mixing spoon. What should I do with utensils that touched an egg with a blood spot? 2) A parve cookie that was made in a meat oven (which hasn’t been used for meat for over 24 hours) was eaten over the dairy sink with crumbs falling in the sink. There was nothing in the sink at the time. Is the sink still kosher? Thank you very much for all your answers!
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. In answer it would be useful to point out a general rule that will be of help to you in the future. When we are dealing with cold items, such as in both your questions, there is never an issue of making a utensil unkosher. All that needs to be done is to wash it clean – in cold water. (By cold we mean less than yad soledet bo – which is when it is too hot to insert one's hand into). So, in answer to your questions – you should wash up the dishes in cold to luke-warm water, and everything is fine. The sink is also fine. Blessings.
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