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No share in the world-to-come for not repenting of adultery?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Adar 13, 5775
Dear Rabbi, Just wanted a clarification. According to Orthodox Judaism, if an Orthodox Jewish soul, male or female, is as righteous as Job sincere and upright, God-fearing and shunning evil(Job 1:1)-then at one point commits adultery with full knowledge and complete consent, does not repent of it even though he or she had a time and a place for repentance and dies ultimately unrepentant of that sin, is he or she excluded from the world-to-come?
Even a Jew who commits adultery, and doesn’t regret, repent and improve in this world, still has a share in the world to come, after the 12 months of difficult purification (Rambam, Tshuva 3). Nevertheless, on all accounts, one is much, much, much better off doing his repentance and improvement in this world.
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