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Rabbi Yoel LiebermanAdar 11, 5775
B"H Dear Rabbi, In Megillat Esther (5:10) it states that when Haman arrived home he looked for his wife Zeresh, but she was not home. Therefore "...he sent for his friends and his wife Zeresh." I have read in some accounts that since Zeresh was not home, then it follows that she was with her lover. In other words, Zeresh was unfaithful to her husband. I searched in various commentaries and could not find a credible source that supports this notion. I am beginning to wonder if framing Zeresh as a cheater amounts to nothing more than a Purim vertel, or perhaps there is a credible source, commentary or midrash that supports this thesis? Looking forward to your feedback Toda rabbah & kol Tuv
ב"ה Shalom What the Megilla says is that first he went to his friends, or should I translate those whom he "cherishes" "and then he went to his home. From here the sefer , ,ספרי דאגדתא על אסתר - מדרש פנים אחרים (בובר) על אסתר פרק ה פסוק י , infers that Haman was unfaithful to his wife and he went to his other woman first, and then he went to his wife. Purim Same'ach
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