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Why not identify the Holocaust as sign of redemption?


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Shevat 17, 5775
Why isn’t the holocaust labeled as the third redemption? There were 6 million Jews murdered. Also, is there any sign of what may happen 70 years after the Jews got Israel back in 1948? (which is in 3 years from now, in 2018)
It was very observant of you to notice that I consciously omitted the Holocaust as one of the signs of redemption even though it is mentioned [e.g. Midrash T’hilim 20: just as when we see a graveyard we know that the state (= civilization) will soon be seen, so too when we see many troubles befalling us, know that the redemption is soon to come]. I omitted it because this was the only sign that the false messiahs always cited, since it wasn’t uncommon for there to be serious problems over the 1,900 years of exile. After terrible pogroms, these charlatans would claim, “it can’t get any worse- so I am the messiah!” Even though it’s hard to imagine something happening worse than the Holocaust (especially now that Jews can always run to Israel for refuge), nevertheless, we learn from Jewish history that it one should never say “it can’t get worse!” Accordingly, the other signs are much more positive (both meanings implied!) and conclusive. Nevertheless, as opposed to the historical signs mentioned in the previous response, about which the Talmud commands us to constantly search for their fulfillment and subsequently publicize (Shabbat 31a), conversely, they teach us not to deal with exact calculations (Sanhedrin 97b) for obvious reasons.
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