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Tziztis in hand,holdingobjects during tfela/mitzvos,ahavas y


Rabbi David Sperling

Tevet 13, 5775
Hello, is it optimal to hold one’s Talis Gadol Tzitzis in his hand the hold davening if he is nervous that ,because of movement during davening , the Tzitzis will drag on the floor( I have heard the costums to drop the tzitzis from the hands at certain points in the davening but my I’m concerned about the dragging) ? Also , I believe there’s a halacha not to carry things in your hand during davening . does that apply also to psukei dzimra , brachos (like on food), and while saying tihilim (separate from davening . Also can one hold objects in his hand while doing other mitzvos (like tzidaka)? Also, is one allowed/supposed to support monetarily and emotionally (with love and unity , which I’ve seen sform talk about there power to strengthen the unifies and cause God to be gracious to them and the re wishes and prayers ) Jews who are very actively against the state of Israel , and call and pray for is demise God forbid?(when there’s no chance the unity will change there views , like if there very old and your young, and your a stranger)I am around them a lot I’m confused , because they are God’s children , but strengthening them in meaningful ways will hurt other Jews?
Shalom, Again you have sent me a very mixed bag of questions – I'll to give a brief answer where possible, but in this format of question and answer it is sometimes difficult to get to all your points. In connection with your tzitzit falling on the floor – you should put your heart at ease, and hold the tzitzit in your hands like everybody else, from just before Shema Yisrael until after the end of Shema where we are accustomed to release them. You should not fear them falling on the floor at all. It is only forbidden to have one's tzitzit dragged on the floor when it is done as a disgrace to the tzitzit, and when one is never careful about it. But if they occasionally fall on the floor, it is no problem. It is also only forbidden when they are dragged along, but not when one is just sitting still (unless other people step on them). (See Piskay Tshuvot 22, 6). You do not have to worry about this, and should try and pray with your tallit as everyone else in shule does. The law about holding objects in your hands when praying does not apply to objects that themselves help a person pray (such as a siddur) or increase one's concentration (such as the tzitzit during Shema). The law applies only to objects that one fears might be damaged if they fall. It applies only during the Amidah, Shema, and Pesukah D'Zimra (see Mishna Brurah 96,1), and one can hold things in their hands whilst performing other mitzvot. If one will have less concentration by not holding the object (for example, fearing it might be stolen) it is better to hold them. Blessings.
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