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Conversion without Bris Milah

Rabbi Yoel LiebermanKislev 7, 5775
Shalom Rabbis Recently I was asked if a person could convert if they could medically not have a bris milah. What would the halachah be in such a case? I know there is a medical exemption for those born Jewish as there is no other option and the general principal of "chai bahem" applies. However, in the case of a convert where there is a simple remedy of living as a Noachide and thus not become obligated to bris milah, could we allow an exemption based on an obligation we have created or would we just refrain from creating the obligation in the first instance? Thanks
ב"ה Shalom The Shulchan Aruch in Hilchot Gerim (יורה דעה סי' רסח:ג) speaks of circumstances when a Brit Milah cannot be performed on a convert. In this case the immersion in a mikveh is sufficient. For practical matters the Bet Din for Gerim must be consulted. All the best.
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