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Supposed scientific errors in the Tanach wording


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Elul 10, 5774
Regarding certain supposed errors in the Tanach which critics may bring up like in Malachi 1:11 where it says "From the rising of the sun till its setting" can we conclude that the Bible writers were not intending to give scientific facts but only described what is obvious to the senses. We know from science that the sun does not really rise and set but from our senses it appears to do so. We never accuse a weather forecaster when he or she says that the sun will rise at 6 a. m. In any case is this a valid reason to put forth that the writers of Scripture were not intending to give scientific facts but described those things that are apparent to the senses as in the case of Malachi 1:11?
Exactly. The Bible is written as man talks, in the vernacular, in order to be eternally relevant, not only today, but also when it was given 3,300 years ago. For example, see Dvarim 9, 1, "... large fortified cities up to the sky".
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