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Spilling cold milk


Rabbi David Sperling

Av 19, 5774
While making coffee in the morning, I spilled cold milk all over the parve counter. Some of it also got on to a meat baking pan that was recently used for fish in the meat oven. I started to wipe everything with a dairy towel but afterwards realized that might not be the best idea. I am wondering what the status of the counter and what should I do with the baking pan. Thank you for your answer!
Shalom, Thank you for your question. If the milk that was spilt (which of course it was not worth crying over!) was cold, and both the counter top and the baking pan were also cold, then no taste of the milk was absorbed into the counter or the pan (taste is absorbed through heat). The correct thing to do is to clean them off, making sure that you do not use hot water to do so. Using a towel is fine, and you may even wash them with cold water until they are clean. After that, they are all kosher, and remain with their original status. Blessings.
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