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IDF and Sefer Torah scrolls in battle


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Av 19, 5774
Shalom, Does the IDF bring a Torah into the battlefield? I saw a picture of a solder wearing a backpack that had a torah in it. Thank You
The IDF brings Sifrei Torah wherever the soldiers will be and will need them. Throughout the generations, the army of Israel always saw the importance of spirit, ideals and motivation in battle, so a small Torah and Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) go with them in all their encampments. Although today, they are not brought to every battle (as was the custom in the Tanach, “When the ark would travel, Moshe said, ‘Arise oh G-d and scatter Your enemies, and those who hate You (=and Israel) will flee from You”, Bamidbar 10, 35) where it could be cumbersome and dangerous and accordingly, even prohibited, it is Israeli army orders to bring to every, even temporary encampment, as was done in Azza in Operation Cast Lead, where camps were set up there. With Prayers of Peace for Israel!
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