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Din Rodef for Certain enemies


Rabbi Jonathan Blass

14 Iyyar 5763
Can we consider the Palestinian Authority’s mufti, Ikrimah Sabri, a rodef due to his incitement of Arabs to commit murder against Jews, and therefore mark him as a viable candidate for elimination?
Israel as a nation is at war with the Palestinian Arabs. Prosecution of the war is in the hands of the government of Israel. It is the government's responsibility and its sole prerogative to determine strategies and tactics. No one is permitted halachically to wage war by himself against what he considers a particular enemy target as this interferes with the waging of the war by the nation. Can you imagine, for example, an army colonel deciding on his own to attack a certain enemy fortification without getting the OK from his commanders? Since there is no halachic authorization for such an action, it is forbidden and included in the prohibition against murder!
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