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Halacha in regards to buying and using egyptian cotton produ

Rabbi David SperlingTammuz 19, 5774
Dear Rabbi I don’t know why I am hesistant, but maybe there is a good reason so I am asking this question. I bought a comforter set for the bed which included sheets made of egyptian cotton. Are we as Jews permitted to use such item? If not should I donate the sheets or return them? Rabbi thank you so much for your help
Shalom, Thank you for your question. Egyptian cotton is merely a form of cotton that grows in Egypt and is famous for being very soft. There are no religious problems using such materials. The only thing you need be concerned about when buying sheets (or any clothing) is that it does not contain a mixture of wool and linen – but I imagine that 100% cotton sheet that has neither wool nor linen will not pose a problem in this area. Blessings.
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