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The revelation of "Moshiach"

Rabbi Jonathan Blass14 Iyyar 5763
I have read and digested an enormous amount of literature on the subject of "Moshiach" over the past year and a half, perhaps there is a reason for my avid interest. Time will tell...Anyway I have a question for you. Based on the Tanach, and various Jewish scholars interpretation of it’s contents, I have come to learn that there is a belief / tradition / idea that "Moshiach" will be revealed in the physical land of Israel. Do you think this is the case, or will only "Moshiach" know ?
There is a tradition that the mashiach will begin the messianic redemption in Tverya [=Tiberius] (Breishit Raba [Albeck] 97). Maimonides writes: "he will establish himself only in Eretz Yisrael and there he will begine to become known" (Iggeret Teiman). HaRav Yitchak Shilat comments that this is because his appointment as king is a mitzva only here in Israel. Thank you for your warm compliments.
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