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death penalty for children+ repentance for gentiles


Rabbi Ari Shvat

Sivan 12, 5774
Dear Rabbi. I am a gentile that has searched for god and been hurt for far too long. I rejected the new testament only last week, realizing that eloheim spoke of no Jesus and that no perfect god could make this mistake. Also not to many nearly 20+ contradictions. But my bigger concern is of the Torah. I myself have cursed my parents, and have broken promises to god hundreds of times. My question is in 2 parts if you could so kindly answer at your leisure: 1. Why was this supposed beautiful god commanding the stoning of children? And other horrible things? No one has the answer to this so far. 2. Does a gentile who has sinned so much have any chance in reality to know God? Specially crossing probably every law in the bible... I thank you for your and other peoples time for reading this.
All the best in your striving for truth! 1. Unfortunately, you have been terribly misinformed. Children are not deemed responsible for their actions, and the Talmud tells us that God does not punish until the age of 20. Even regarding adults, the Talmud tells us that the death penalty mentioned in the Torah for severe crimes, is basically a threat which was almost never carried out, but mainly served as a way to stress the severity of those actions. In addition, even this threat has not been practical for the past 2,000 years since we have no Sanhedrin court system. 2. Anyone, including gentiles, has the possibility of mending their ways through truly regretting and changing their actions. Even severe transgressions like breaking promises to God or cursing one’s parents can be fixed by sincerely apologizing to them and honestly resolving not to return to such actions. God created us and knows our weaknesses, and is just waiting for us to repent and act Godly. All the best! Rabbi Ari Shvat
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