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Wearing a Kippah


Rabbi Yoel Lieberman

Iyyar 13, 5774
Hi! Just a theoretical question, if you will endulge me :) Since wearing a kippah is "just" a minhag (a very important one) which is meant to be a representation to the outside world, could someone conceivably not wear a kippah in the privacy of one’s own home? I am only asking from a halachinc standpoint...I realize there are other benefits to doing so. And since it is a minhag, couldn’t one theoretically say brachas or even da’aven (outside of a shul) without wearing a kippah? Thanks!
ב"ה Although, while living abroad among the gentiles, our kippa distinguishes ourselves as being Jewish, wearing a kippa is not just for the outside world but shows our awe of G-D. Also, the original source of the custom was to cover the head during the Tefilla for additional decorum, so therefore one should never daven without a kippa or head covering. Furthermore, The Mishna Berura (2:11) says that in our time wearing a kippa has become an absolute obligation even in the privacy of one's home, though covering your head while sleeping is an additional measure of piety. For further study on the matter see my Shiur in Hebrew on this website at All the best.
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