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Shaving During Sefiraa

My skin is incredibly sensitive, and I am used to shaving every day to prevent skin irritation. Letting my beard grow during sefira is causing me active discomfort, sometimes even preventing me from sleeping for a time. I am told that if I wait until it grows out more, it will cease to bother me as much, but until that point I am in constant discomfort. Am I allowed to shave in this instance?
ב"ה It seems to me that you are going through what most people who don't shave during the sefira go through. A consequence of not shaving is physical discomfort which one of the things we experience in remembering the lack of respect the students of R. Akiva had for each other. Unless there is a specific medical problem diagnosed by a doctor which has to be considered, I don't see it right to allow shaving. Kol tuv
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