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Dishes on Pesach


Rabbi David Sperling

Nisan 26, 5774
Hello, I have two questions about how our use of dishes affects their status in terms of Pesach. 1) On erev Pesach my husband used a regular glass tupperwear container to take his lunch to work in. His lunch didn’t have chametz in it, not even kitniot, but the food was made in chametz dishes and we used that container for chametz before. He came home after it was time to get rid of all the chametz. I didn’t know what to do with the container, since I had already sold all the other dishes that were used during the year and closed up those areas, so I put it away in a plastic bag. Can we use it again now, after Pesach, even though it was not technically sold with the rest of the chametz dishes? 2) We have wine glasses that we use during the year. All the wine we drink is kosher for Pesach, but we sometimes eat chametz while using the glasses (such as during Shabbos). One of those glasses was not put away and was used on Pesach. It was not used during any meals, but just for casual drinking. What should be done with the glass now? Can it still be used after Pesach or should we just get rid of it? I realize that is would not be kosher for Pesach in any case and should put it away for next Pesach. Thank you very much.
Shalom, Thank you for your questions. In both cases your items are kosher and may be used now (of course they are not kosher for Passover for next year). This is because the law that forbids benefiting from chametz which was not removed for Passover does not apply vessels that were used for chametz all year long. In fact, from the letter of the law these vessels may be left in the house during Passover, as long as they are clean from all chametz, and put aside so as to ensure that they will not be used by mistake on Passover. Blessings
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